"Another one of the officers on this station, she’s scanning the are for any strange readings"

Basilia frowned.

"There is no one else here; is this officer a wizard?"

"No.. I’m using the comm system."…

"Whatever brought you here didn’t leave any residual traces. Where are you from?"

"I am a maiden of Rohan." She responded, frowning a little. "Where do you hail from?"

"Bajor. Where’s Rohan? What planet?"

"What planet?" Basilia frowned deeply at her. "In the common tongue it is middle-earth; the elves call it Arda."

"Middle Earth?" She hadn’t ever heard of it and she didn’t know what this girl meant by elves, "do you know it’s coordinates? What system it’s in?"



Bajoran Redesign

This one’s not as weird as the Trill, sorry guys.

Down at the bottom are Kira and Odo.

The Bajorans are a narrow species, notable for their relatively deep chests, large lungs, and and large hearts that make them excellent sprinters. Their nostrils and airways are broad, increasing air intake. The top speed of a Bajoran athlete is around 45 mph (72 kph), and their agility is top-notch, able to turn on a dime. However, they’re not great with stamina, and Bajorans tire more quickly than comparable species. It’s not something you’d notice in day-to-day activity. Just be aware that when you’re on a long hike in the mountains, the Bajoran in your group is probably going to be the first one to ask for a break. They also tend to have small feet but that’s not really all that important.

Bajorans have very large eyes relative to their skull size, and their eyesight is excellent. They prefer dimmer lighting than humans, and pick up movement very well.

They’re (generally) very agile, due to their flexible spines and great balance.

They look kind of tall in the proportions picture, but the average Bajoran female is only around 5’3”, males 5’4”. To humans, they seem very androgynous. Females usually have slightly narrower shoulders, broader hips (though still narrow by human standards—Bajorans only gestate for five months, and their babies are small and vulnerable), longer arms, longer tails, and more hair on their chest and underneath their breasts (that hair would have allowed ancestral Bajoran babies to better hold onto their mothers. It just never evolved away.) Bajoran males have slightly smaller eyes. and squarer jaws.

Because of the short gestation and Bashir mentioning “high vascularization" between parent and fetus, they are born with two umbilical cords, so they have two scars, on either side of their abdomen. Doctors always monitor the fetus closely to make sure that it doesn’t get tangled up in utero because that can make for a complicated birth.

I didn’t feel like making up genitalia but instead of making them Barbies I put them in lovely floral undies, you’re welcome.

I like Odo with this design. I imagine him sitting in his office with his tail forming a puddle down beside his chair. If you knock on his door, he sucks it up and it’s a proper tail again. He still hasn’t quite mastered how the tail works, though, and it can be a little disconcerting when it doesn’t act the way a tail should.

If anyone ever has any questions or suggestions, please speak up! I’d love to discuss how things could/should be, and I always forget to write stuff in when I’m posting.

[pose references from SenshiStock on DeviantART]